WallMaker Interior Glass Wall System

Create an unlimited variety of bright, beautiful and secure interior environments with the easy-to-install Stylmark WallMaker® interior glass wall system. This versatile system consists of headers, sills, mullions, and corner assemblies that allow you to create a multitude of glass wall and panel configurations. The WallMaker interior glass wall system includes extrusions that are designed for 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” glass or other in-fill panels.   

Glass & Glazing Catalog

WallMaker Profiles are available in AutoCad and SolidWorks under our Drawing menu at Stylmark.com.

Porsa Framing System

Stylmark is the authorized North American distributor of the Porsa™ Framing System of Denmark. Porsa is the only aluminum extrusion that accepts 1/2” thick in-fill panels, making it ideal for overhead signage and store-with-in-a-store applications. The Porsa system provides great flexibility as the extrusions and in-fill panels can be reconfigured, changed and moved at a much lower cost than permanent wall or fixtures.

Porsa Data Sheet

Cafe Series

The Café Series from Stylmark consists of a variety of components used to create Food Display Partition Systems.  The Glass Clamp system uses brackets to secure the glass to the post and provides a clean, modern aesthetic.  A more traditional look is achieved with the Glass Channel system that uses recessed channels and plastic glazing to secure the glass.  Post are sold in 12’ stock lengths for size customization.  Optional accessories include end caps, shelf brackets and base canopies.     

Cafe Series Data Sheet